The greatest way to create loyalty is through emotion. The greatest way to create emotion is through music.

As an internationally recognized ear, Nicole Rosé, originally a branding and marketing expert for luxury & fashion companies, is no stranger to this theory. Her philosophy? If you’re not adding value, then you’re detracting. How your brand “sounds” is just as important as what it “says.” So, she curates in-store custom playlists and branded mixes that allow companies to discretely communicate their values while enlivening their audience.

Nicole is also considered one of the best DJs in New York and has worked closely with many top brands to develop a unique sound that speaks to their core customers. As the Music Director for Gilt Groupe and Whispering Angel, she’s created sound for one off events, branded spaces and pop ups alike. Specifically in her role for Gilt, Nicole travels with the team to their sample sales and curates upbeat tunes with an artsy twist for millennial clientele in all their major markets. Some of her most interesting activations include the Scope Art Show at Art Basel and Visa’s consumer lounge at Super Bowl. Nicole was recently recognized in Fast Company for her unique approach and methodology.

Her theory? Music enhances the way we perceive the world. Sometimes obvious, sometimes subliminal, but always true. And now, it can enhance your brand too.